The association, based in Golzow, near Berlin, has set itself the task of collecting donations for a small ashram in Tamil Nadu, in southern India, and local partner projects in order to support its charitable commitment in the region in the long term. The sisters, who belong to the Camaldolese order and live as hermits on their land, work in secret to support the poorest in their area. This help is very diverse and ranges from food donations and the creation of jobs to monetary or material donations. By involving and employing the Dalits, the formerly outcasts who are still ostracized to this day, especially in rural areas despite the abolition of the caste system, the nuns set an example for inclusion and humanity.

The sponsorship project with the BlessSchool has been a purpose of the association since 2017. Senthil Kumar, the founder and headmaster of  the BlessSchool was one of the children nurtured from a young age by Amma at Ananda Ashram and Father Bede at the neighboring brother ashram, Shantivanam.

After studying to become a teacher, he founded his own school out of gratitude to give the children in the region a chance for a better life. The private school is mainly financed by donations. The sponsorships finance the respective children's school fees, transport and teaching materials and thus enable children whose parents cannot raise the money themselves to attend school.

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